Saturday, May 28th, 6-11pm, Castle Shannon Fire Hall 15234




In April of 2015 Keri Midgley's life threw her a huge curveball.  After waking up in the middle of the night and feeling numbness on one side of her body, many tests and a long hospital stay Keri was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  Since last year Keri has undergone radiation, surgery, two different types of chemotherapy and is currently receiving an immunotherapy treatment at the Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh. At this point her team of doctors is still searching for a treatment to best treat this tumor because of unsuccessful attempts in the past.

Needless to say, the last year of Keri’s life has been anything but normal.  She has had to take a leave from her job as a kindergarten teacher and adjust to a “new normal” because of all the effects of treatment on her health and daily life. 

Throughout this entire experience one thing has been steadfast – Keri’s beautiful spirit and radiating positivity.  She is the most genuine person, friend, and family member anyone could ask for, especially to her two beautiful, young children.  Everyone who is lucky enough to have Keri in their life is a better person for it!

Keri would never ask for help, so here we are as family and friends stepping in to ask for your help!  Keri does have medical insurance but it does not cover all costs. We are not sure when Keri will be able to return to work, and her monthly expenses will continue.  We are asking you to help make this process during treatment be as worry free as possible.

The “Night at the Races” is a small way to give back to someone who has always been there for everyone around her!  There are many ways to support this great event through attending the event, taking part in sponsorship or making a donation if you cannot attend.  When someone we love or know is in a place of need it is a privilege to be able to lend a helping hand, especially for someone like Keri. Any support and prayers are greatly appreciated while Keri focuses on her health and the road to recovery! Thank you from the countless people who love and care for Keri.  We hope to see you at the “Night at the Races!”


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